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July 13 2014

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Pyromantics Part I
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June 16 2014

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  built an IR midi paddle @metalab. we are using the IR proximity sensors for guitar/blues harp effects and the buttons for looper control.  
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June 12 2014


June 10 2014

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The stepper driver board wirehead and me built @metalab
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April 23 2014

This scenario is the continuation of the previous "Deliver the ammo 1". It's sole purpose is to check if they actually seek the facilities and enemies because sometimes they are actually reacting to rather strange circumstances. Changing scenario dimensions is a good check for that.
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Last week i changed the rules fundamentally. Now the space ships have finite fuel and ammo and they die when they are out of fuel. So i added "facilities" which they must use to recharge themselves.
To make them learn to recharge i gave them only a very small amount of fuel and no ammo in the beginning - so either they find the facility quickly or they die.
Additionally enemy facilities may be captured if the amount of enemy ships in range is greater by 3 than the amount of friendly ships in range but neither have i adjusted the fitness function nor did i train them yet to do so.
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April 18 2014

Lately i spend a lot of my time working on optimizing game/learning performance. In this video is it only takes 10 generations to learn the difference between an enemy and a friend and the basic movement required to attend this scenario. Also the simulation runs quiet fast.
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April 09 2014

Another video of the neurocid simulation. this time the populations had a whole night of training.

April 05 2014


Lesson 2 of my neural network space battle simulation. In this lesson they should learn to hold their fire until they are in range.


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Lesson 1 of the training for my neural network space battle simulation.
At this point the are completely untrained.


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April 04 2014


A video of  a lightly trained Neurocid population. Neurocid is a space ship battle simulation controlled by neural networks, evolved through a genetic algorithm.

I've trained them for about 15 minutes with smaller scenarios. I'll post videos of the training soon.

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December 18 2012


Yes, the folks at @metalabvienna are serious about Blinkendingens.
--MacLemon | @kallaballa
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Play fullscreen
Supergamedev weekend @metalab
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December 13 2012

thx to all of you for making it happen!

November 26 2012

DIY Led Matrix - Lowres Super Mario Bros. Frenzy!

Two days before wsys showed up with his awesome DIY LED matrix up @metalab i started writing RetinaTattoo (http://github.com/Metalab/RetinaTattoo).
It's a software for streaming to LED strips over network. We're using it to play Super Mario Bros. on a Led Matrix.

The setup:
A playstation 3 controller,
A notebook running a NES emulator and a Gstreamer pipeline.
A Raspberry pi running RetinaTattoo.
A LED matrix (built from WS2801 LED strips) controlled via SPI.
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November 08 2012

Touch interface controlled rotating led :)

November 07 2012

Long lost video footage of Dixie & Heisl
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September 10 2012

Rotating LEDs around heads.  Dixie & Heisl Productions @DNP12 Afterparty
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Rotating LEDs around heads.  Dixie & Heisl Productions @DNP12 Afterparty
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August 24 2012

Shiny laser engraved glass.
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