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August 14 2012


Die Modeklasse vom metalabvienna zeigt die neue Taschenkollektion:  Tasche: Sysadmin Model: Amir
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August 13 2012


The  monthly laser cutter workshop at the Metalab!

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August 07 2012

8x10 shot on xray film at last sunday's Fotolab meeting.
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August 04 2012


Ar Drone 2.0 - Skyline Vienna via Gstreamer  

Mathias bought that awesome quadrocopter drone (ardrone2.parrot.com/) running on a TI OMAP3 platform. we sat down to give it a custom debian build and used gstreamer to live stream video from the onboard cameras.
That's a video of the last flight trying to gain altitude until the wind started to catch the drone.

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July 16 2012

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Glühende Hölzer ;D
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slippery slope
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Prof. Kallaballa at work
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Stadtflucht Lindabrunn
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June 14 2012

Play fullscreen
Live sound generation with Gimp (http://github.com/kallaballa/SoundFumble)
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March 01 2012

playing with mixing video and sound @metalab lounge.
pretty much in sync :)
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September 29 2011

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Multi color stencils. Traced by creating masks for every color channel and cutting a rectangle for every pixel.
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Multi color stencils. Traced by creating masks for every color channel and cutting a rectangle for every pixel.
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March 08 2011

How our laser cutter @metalab actually "sees" your raster jobs.
To the left the input image, to the right what the laser cutter actually receives.

The result image was created by the pclint tool which is part of ctrl-cut.

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February 17 2011


  Super Mario Bros.3 - Speed Run Run Run in 14:30 min

@metalab / Lounge

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  Super Mario Bros.1 - Speed Run Run Run in 10:40 min

@metalab / Lounge
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February 15 2011


greenboxing with gstreamer, a webcam and bina.

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synfig studio rocks. just a little test, but was fun.  

February 13 2011

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Theodore Woodward was wrong - When you hear hoofbeats, think zebras, not horses.

The spray job was done with an acrylic stencil laser cut @metalab.
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January 25 2011

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one step closer to a maniac mansion live scenario @metalab. but where do we get a nuclear reactor in a swimming pool?
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