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April 09 2014

Another video of the neurocid simulation. this time the populations had a whole night of training.

April 05 2014


Lesson 2 of my neural network space battle simulation. In this lesson they should learn to hold their fire until they are in range.


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Lesson 1 of the training for my neural network space battle simulation.
At this point the are completely untrained.


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April 04 2014


A video of  a lightly trained Neurocid population. Neurocid is a space ship battle simulation controlled by neural networks, evolved through a genetic algorithm.

I've trained them for about 15 minutes with smaller scenarios. I'll post videos of the training soon.

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December 18 2012


Yes, the folks at @metalabvienna are serious about Blinkendingens.
--MacLemon | @kallaballa
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Supergamedev weekend @metalab
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December 13 2012

thx to all of you for making it happen!

November 26 2012

DIY Led Matrix - Lowres Super Mario Bros. Frenzy!

Two days before wsys showed up with his awesome DIY LED matrix up @metalab i started writing RetinaTattoo (http://github.com/Metalab/RetinaTattoo).
It's a software for streaming to LED strips over network. We're using it to play Super Mario Bros. on a Led Matrix.

The setup:
A playstation 3 controller,
A notebook running a NES emulator and a Gstreamer pipeline.
A Raspberry pi running RetinaTattoo.
A LED matrix (built from WS2801 LED strips) controlled via SPI.
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November 08 2012

Touch interface controlled rotating led :)

November 07 2012

Long lost video footage of Dixie & Heisl
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September 10 2012

Rotating LEDs around heads.  Dixie & Heisl Productions @DNP12 Afterparty
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Rotating LEDs around heads.  Dixie & Heisl Productions @DNP12 Afterparty
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August 24 2012

Shiny laser engraved glass.
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August 14 2012


Die Modeklasse vom metalabvienna zeigt die neue Taschenkollektion:  Tasche: Sysadmin Model: Amir
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August 13 2012


The  monthly laser cutter workshop at the Metalab!

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August 07 2012

8x10 shot on xray film at last sunday's Fotolab meeting.
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August 04 2012


Ar Drone 2.0 - Skyline Vienna via Gstreamer  

Mathias bought that awesome quadrocopter drone (ardrone2.parrot.com/) running on a TI OMAP3 platform. we sat down to give it a custom debian build and used gstreamer to live stream video from the onboard cameras.
That's a video of the last flight trying to gain altitude until the wind started to catch the drone.

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July 16 2012

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Glühende Hölzer ;D
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slippery slope
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Prof. Kallaballa at work
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