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December 31 2016


New Years Eve Electronics

I used the last day of the year to build a analog audio mixer/switch @metalab. But since lately soup sucks more than usual  and won't display the image i put it in the metalab wiki
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December 25 2016

What do you do when you want to test your amplifier with load and you don't have a speaker at hand? @metalab
The sound is a 500hz sine wave if you wonder
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December 17 2016

This year we gonna have our 5th christmas point 'n' click adventure at the metalab! https://metalab.at/wiki/Christmas_PNC_2016
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November 12 2016


"Feeling Good" Cover

I composed and recorded a cover of Nina Simone's song "Feeling Good" at the @metalab 
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I'm going to celebrate my birthday at the Metalab! We are going to play the newest classic point 'n' click adventure of Wadjeteye Games (all their games are great!). Additionally I will prepare snacks and food.
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November 10 2016

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I wrote a program that can place a mustache or glasses over an image of a face.

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I milled a brass fibonacci spiral at the @metalab. Thanks to @kintel for the help with the OpenSCAD model.
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August 16 2016

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Herz aus Stein. Front-, Rück, und Seitenanschicht.
Gemacht im @metalab.
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August 15 2016

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Ich hab Steine vom Strand mitgenommen und im @metalab bearbeitet. Wasserkühlung :p
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August 03 2016

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I decided to give that steel engraving a finish. @metalab

high-res version: http://viel-zu.org/amulette.jpg
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July 29 2016

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Again engraving steel but this time deeper @metalab
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Engraving steel with the CNC mill at the @metalab
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July 13 2016

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July 01 2016

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June 29 2016

Torpor's son is about to come of hacker age :D
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June 26 2016


February 28 2016

It's not a western guitar an therefor has three nylon strings. Additionally I'm interested in amplifying the acoustic guitar - not turning it into an electric guitar. :)

February 26 2016

Lately I have been recording songs with my guitar and vocals. I used (above average quality) dynamic microphones and the results with that setup weren't very satisfying. There are several reason for that: There is very significant cross-talk between the two microphones when recording simultaneously, it is very susceptible to background noise and the handling is cumbersome (both mics need to be well aligned to both my guitar and my mouth). Usually those problems are mitigated (except for the background noise) by recording the instrumental first and then the vocals. But since i also would like to be able to do amplified live performances there is only one solution (i can see): using an acoustic guitar pickup. Well, and since they are rather expensive, I'm a hacker and lately have started to build my own audio equipment (e.g. a dual channel mic preamp), i decided to hack my own acoustic guitar pickup.
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November 06 2015


Release: Cict and Ciff

Today i've moved useful code that i initially wrote for other projects (ColorMorseCode and PixelStencil) into two litte CLI tools. Maybe someone finds it interesting or may even have immediate use for them:

Ciff (https://github.com/kallaballa/Ciff)
Calculates the difference between two RGB colors using the CIEDE2000 color difference metric

Cict (https://github.com/kallaballa/Cict)
Translate color values (24bit RGB hex) to human readable names

October 24 2015

"Man kann mit einem Computer Kunst und Schönheit schaffen"  - Generated morse code painting: https://github.com/kallaballa/ColorMorsePainting/
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